Guide rules

Alistair McBay of the National Secular Society (Letters, 24 June) tells us that the Girl Guide movement has no need to mention an outmoded “God” in its membership oath or of “supernatural 
belief” in its constitution.

Yet it seems to me that the Guide movement, set up in 1909, seems to have done remarkably well in terms of membership in the UK since its foundation with God and all in its joining oath – apparently numbering some 100,000 volunteers and many more girl members than that, making up its current strength.

Mr McBay’s NSS, on the other hand, set up in 1866, has never prospered nor attracted many members or public support.

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Estimates indicate that the NSS may not have more than 10,000 members throughout the UK, after all those years of trying. In any event, if secular 
pressure groups such as the NSS are about opposing religious “privilege” in the public square only, and not actually opposing 
religious belief, I am not at all sure why the NSS is commenting on the Girl Guide oath matter 
at all.

Gus Logan

North Berwick