Guide guidance

THE “They can join their own atheist Guides if they don’t like it!” argument is, indeed, “preposterous” (Letters, 21 June). Everyone knows that there is no such thing, as atheist groups spend their energies attacking religious elements in other people’s organisations, rather than ­making a positive contribution to society.

Neil Barbour’s dismissal of the guiding movement as “dusty and exclusive” until it was transformed by removing God from its promise demonstrates the narrowness of the secularist agenda. I guess the guides now just need to hand out contraceptives to secure their reputation as a “progressive” institution.

Richard Lucas


Will the next thing we hear about the Guides Association be that it has decided to admit boys to its ranks? After all, the Scouts has admitted girls; and what is the logic of an all-female organis­ation being permitted to exist when all-male organisations are so frowned upon?

Derrick McClure