Grow together

The fate of Union Terrace Gardens has divided the people of Aberdeen over the last five years (your report, 22 August). Sir Ian Wood has pushed relentlessly for the idea of replacing the public park with an underground concourse and a modern roof garden, the so-called City Garden Project.

The Friends of Union Terrace Gardens have been equally determined to save the Victorian gardens as an integral part of Aberdeen’s heritage.

The shockingly poor business case for the City Garden Project was rejected in a council vote a year ago and the scheme is now effectively dead.

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Nevertheless, Sir Ian Wood is persisting in keeping his £50 million investment for the city centre on the table. The time for building a consensus on the issue has now arrived.

The Friends of Union Terrace Gardens are offering to enter into a dialogue with Sir Ian Wood to see if there is a solution to the issue that would keep both parties happy. That is, Aberdeen’s heritage is preserved while the city centre gets the loving care it desperately needs.

We both care passionately about Aberdeen in our own different ways. This would be a promising start point for further discussions.

Mike Shepherd

Forbesfield Road