Green ‘zealots’

Clark Cross (Letters, 30 July) rightly states that the UK, in one year, only produced 1.5 per cent of the CO2 emissions in the world. This small amount, however, still made us the ninth most polluting nation in the world and third most polluting in Europe, for that year.

When we look over a longer period (1750–2005), the position changes: the UK becomes the seventh most polluting country, the top seven countries being responsible for 63 per cent of the total emissions.

If this historical pollution is calculated on a per head basis, rather than per country, this takes the UK to the top of the table, the number one position.

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This means that, as individuals, we, the citizens of the UK, have a greater CO2 debt than any other individual in the world.

It is how someone reacts to this fact, and other similar facts, about climate change and global warming that marks people out.

Mr Cross reacts with complacency, and consigns the world to become an uninhabitable planet. Those he labels as “green zealots” believe that they ought to, at least, challenge that vision of a dismal future and work hard for an environmentally more just world for our children and grandchildren to live in.

I am proud to put myself in the latter group, and if that makes me a “green zealot”, one who fights against environmental damaging activities, then so be it. I will wear the badge with pride.

Walter Attwood

Friends of the Earth – Stirling

James Street