Green for go

While one acknowledges that absolute certainty may not be possible in science, the findings of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tell us without equivocation that climate change will affect us all and that human emissions are a critical factor in its progress.

It is fascinating that elected representatives still argue that this is not a problem we should tackle. Councillor Cameron Rose suggests (Letters, 1 November) that it is time to suspend the Climate Change Acts and that “gullible politicians have overreacted to climate hysteria”. On the contrary, we need our politicians to be in the vanguard in leading efforts to reduce dangerous carbon emissions. Scottish politicians did just that in 2009 with our world-leading legislation.

Mr Rose is right to point to the dilemma faced by the Scottish Government. It is unlikely that we can continue to extract fuel from carbon as we do now, even if it is available. We do urgently need to face up to this dilemma and maximise our return from other forms of energy while responsibly conserving and reducing energy use.

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To continue to take the lead on this would be an act of courage and compassion – and of long-term self-interest. What an opportunity for Scotland’s politicians, businesses and communities.

John Sturrock

Fountainhall Road