Green dilemma

IT IS not unexpected that the Scottish Green Party attempted to ban the extraction of natural gas through the use of hydraulic fracturing (“Fracking gets go-ahead as Holyrood rejects ban”, 8 May). However, in doing so the Greens reveal the inconsistencies of their energy policy.

First, natural gas is carbon-light and represents a cleaner alternative to coal for the generation of electricity.

Second, intermittent renewables such as wind 
require significant fossil fuel capacity to ensure demand 
is met.

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However, the most striking inconsistency is the Greens’ objection to nuclear. Replacing our two compact, baseload plants at Hunterston and Torness with a mix of wind and fossil fuels will increase emissions. While the Greens rail against the “denial” of climate science, the key issue for Scotland is the denial of engineering science.

Colin R McInnes