Greek warning

Brian Rattray (Letters, 7 July) thinks the Greeks should be praised for their courage in standing up to “those who would oppress them”.

Congratulations may be premature. In a few months’ time it may look like a bonkers decision made by an electorate awed by the rhetoric of a very charismatic leader.

One can only feel extreme sympathy for the many in Greece who are in a desperate situation, not through their own fault, but through the systematic tax evasion and corruption by not a small part of the economy.

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However, when you run out of money, you cannot then dictate to your lenders what the criteria for lending more is, especially if your track record is not good.

Above all, the Greek experience illustrates the dangers of a currency union without a political union, something those shouting “It’s oor pound too” should bear in mind.

Donna McBeath Smith