Great opportunity

Yes, it’s always worth wading through the small print to see the meat behind the UK Treasury’s reams of statistics.

According to the Treasury’s own analysis, “Scottish real GDP per capita is projected to be 10 per cent higher than the UK at the point of independence”.

So, don’t listen to the Scottish Government; this is the UK Treasury’s own analysis. It obviously agrees with Standard & Poor’s report in February which classified Scotland as “a rich, diversified country” which “deserves our highest economic assessment”.

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Obviously, independence offers us wonderful opportunities, and then it’s really up to the next generations to make the most of them. As for the benefits of unionism, surely we have better things to invest in than illegal wars in distant, oil-rich countries, new-generation nuclear weapons, and a recession caused directly by the cronyism between Westminster and the banking sector, and their criminal lack of regulation.

The UK is now the fourth most unequal country in the developed world. We are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for peaceful transition on 18 September.

Funnily enough, when
Norway became independent in 1905, the Swedish government didn’t produce reams of statistics telling Norwegians how much “better together” they were.

And they didn’t threaten to stop Norway using the krone if they became independent. (The currency union between Sweden, Norway and Denmark continued until 1914). But of course Norway was a very poor country before it
discovered oil!

Alison Wallace

Charterhall Grove