Grave vandalism - 'Police must trace those responsible'

The repeated vandalism of gravesides at Saughton Cemetery is both deplorable and depressing.

A bench has been smashed up and a Satanic symbol burnt into the grass in the latest distressing examples of damage discovered by grieving families.

It must be heartbreaking for all those who invest so much time and effort in tending their loved ones' graves to see such deliberate destruction around them.

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Although the problem affects hundreds of people, it is impossible not to have particular sympathy for the family of ten-year-old hit-and-run victim Jack Anderson, whose graveside has been tarnished, after all they have suffered.

The problem, of course, is far from unique in Saughton and can be seen played out in graveyards around the Lothians.

How to deal with what can only be described as an appalling lack of respect for the suffering and property of others is one that has long been debated.

Certainly, the police must do all they can to trace those responsible, and when they are brought to justice they must be properly punished.

This should also serve as a timely reminder of the importance of community policing at a time when the future of the service is under scrutiny.

Local bobbies have had some significant success in tackling vandalism in the Capital and it's vital that they keep the resources to enable them to continue that work.

Jobs for the boys

Today's average wage statistics show something that families across the Lothians already know to be true - women are shouldering the traditional "breadwinner" responsibilities more than ever.

As household incomes are squeezed and men are losing their jobs, many women are naturally doing what they can to keep household finances on track.

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For some that means taking on extra hours at a part-time job, for others an unplanned return to work.

Now, we don't want to be the cause of domestic rows but one question looms large.

Where the women are stepping up their working hours outside the home, are their partners reciprocating by taking on more of the domestic chores?