Golf coverage

Will someone please tell 
the sports writers at The Scotsman to stop being fixated 
on one man (Tiger Woods), and realise that there are quite a 
few talented golfers coming to take part in the Open at St Andrews.

To look at the two photographs on Tuesday and the two on Wednesday and to read the reams of newsprint, one would think it was about to be a solo exhibition.

There are many excellent golfers, some super-talented, most of them charming, fun to watch and listen to, men who are great ambassadors for the game, who smile wryly when things go wrong but do not complain, and most importantly, are terrific sportsmen.

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They do not pout and whinge and spit. Please, give them their fair share of attention and praise and publicity.

One of them might even upset the applecart and actually win! What would your writers do then?

Vivienne Stirling

Craigs Grove