Golf betrayal

I was saddened, disappointed, angry and disgusted at the R&A’s decision to betray the tradition and history of golf by selling the TV rights to the crown jewels of golf, the Open, for 30 pieces of silver.

This is a shameless decision and will have huge negative implications for the future of golf at grass-roots level and beyond.

As it is, the state of the club game is already in crisis, with clubs closing, pressure on bar and catering takings, declining memberships and declining numbers of junior members developing through to tomorrow’s full members.

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This follows the absurd decision to stop local/regional qualifying close to Open venues which stimulated interest in golf and attracted visitors to tour the locality, boosting the region’s economy.

The Open championship is unique, with a wonderful history and tradition, but the R&A seems to be doing its best to devalue it, to pander to already very rich professionals, who can’t be bothered to come over to the UK and qualify.

They don’t deserve to win it, if they don’t respect the Open and its aura.

Those party to the decision should hold their heads in shame.​

Fraser MacGregor



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