Golden years

I read with interest the comments made by Professor Catharine Ward, of OPENspace at the University of Edinburgh, ahead of today’s British Academy debate, “The Best Years of our Lives? Body, Brain and Well Being” (your report, 28 April).

With an ageing population, it is vitally important to discuss and develop ways of ensuring people can truly get the most out of life in their later years.

The proportion of people aged over 75 is expected to increase by 80 per cent in just over 20 years and there are currently more people aged over 65 in Scotland than under 15.

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It is clear that the benefits of enjoying a fit and active life go well beyond physical health.

I am sure that small changes such as benches in public areas, as Professor Ward suggests, would have a significant impact on the lives of older people.

Lianne Lodge

Head of Pagan Osborne’s Lateryears Service and member of Solicitors for the Elderly

George Street