GM blinkers

Exactly on cue, the SNP now turns on GM foods. Humans have been genetically modifying food for millennia and their intervention has helped sustain humanity and in recent years has fed many starving millions.

But, as with nuclear power keeping the lights on while wind farms lay still, this does not fit in with latest world view and dogma emanating from the Scottish Nationalist hierarchy.

It is therefore declared a no-no, not for reasons of science or logic, but of dogma. Such is the state of politics and voter disillusionment in much of Europe that unprecedented power is now in the hands of zealots.

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With the disarray of the pro-UK parties and the dominance of the SNP in Scotland in recent elections, it has been said that merely standing under the SNP banner was enough to get a seat.

This lack of thinking quality is evident in recent Nationalist decision-making in both Holyrood and Westminster.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg