GM benefits

I am not surprised that the feathers of the Scottish Government were ruffled by the indications that GM crops would be grown in England and the restatement of the familiar SNP fundamentalist stance (your report, 5 June).

When GM crops are grown along the Border the paucity of understanding and organised ignorance that underpins SNP policy on agriculture will be exposed. There is no alternative to basing policy on the best available scientific knowledge, otherwise the likelihood is that eventually you get found out.

Unfortunately, the failings of fundamentalist views may only emerge when substantial damage has already been inflicted, something already anticipated from SNP policies on energy and nuclear power.

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There is no scientific reason whatsoever not to grow GM crops here. The benefits of no-till agriculture that is both environmentally sustainable and with emissions one third that of organic farms are one immediate benefit from their introduction. Another would be an indication that knowledge, not populist rhetoric, unreasoning fear or agitation, is once again the basis of policy.


Croft Street