Give shelter

Once again Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 27 April) cuts through the political twittering from our representatives, who seek an increase in funding for search and rescue operations.

She poses the question: “Why not invite some of the migrants to Scotland?”

Well, why don’t we? Do we prefer to see women and children, families, driven by desperation and fear, die rather than endure the inconvenience of immigrants in our country?

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How desperate does the 
crisis have to be before we demand that we offer refuge to those who seek only shelter and the opportunity to live in peace and freedom?

Are we short of space? I have a spare room – that will suffice for one small family! The local minister has a big manse – that will house at least two families. The priest has a very big house and he could do with a housekeeper.

Then there is the local village hall. What about the town hall? Multiply that by the number of communities in Scotland and we clearly have room to shelter these unfortunates.

But do we have the will? Will we pass by on the other side?

George McGeehan


South Ayrshire