Get us connected

I ENTIRELY agree with Dr Allen Armstrong (Letters, 13 February) that the Levenmouth area should be reconnected to the rail network.

I would also put the rather different case for St Andrews, also a five-mile line, but one based upon economic connectivity.

This ancient university town, tourist magnet and Home of Golf is an attractor of employment and opportunity. A railway is acknowledged to be a major driver of employment and growth, enabling people to travel easily to nearby settlements for business, study and leisure.

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Towns such as Cupar, Dunfermline and even Dundee, being suppliers rather than attractors of people, would benefit from the improved transport links which a rail connection with St Andrews would bring.

The whole area would benefit from an enhanced knowledge-based economy based upon the university, boosted by the upgraded direct transport links, bringing money into St Andrews and therefore strengthening the Fife economy by spreading prosperity around.

A high-level, concept-design study has already been carried out, which forms a credible basis for the next stage of professional evaluation.

All that is needed is the political will to make it happen.


Convener, St Andrews Rail Link campaign

Whitehill Terrace

St Andrews