General morals

Richard Lucas (Letters, 26 June) gives no reason to hold that sexual relations should await marriage. When most people marry in their late 20s or later and many not at all, the idea is entirely unrealistic.

There never was a time when everyone adhered to the rule. Pledges of pre-marital celibacy signed by young America evangelicals were often not kept.

Nor is the tenet of it uniquely “Christian”. Like many ideas referred to as such, it is shared by Jews, Muslims and other groups.

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Mr Lucas says pupils should be informed of this belief. Why? Most are surely well aware of it but don’t agree. Few will change their minds. That an idea is presented as “Christian” will not add to its attraction .

Those who believe that schools should be used to promote religious beliefs should note that these have been largely unsuccessful in this. There is no reason to assume the future will be different. Only a small part of what children learn is in schools.

The assertion that “Christian” morals are superior to all others is baseless and offensive.

Kevin Lawrie

Forfar Road