Gay inequality

I see that Neil Barber (Letters, 29 November) is “relieved” that the B&B owners in the “unmarrieds cannot share a bed” saga have lost their appeal in the UK Supreme Court.

I have always thought that running their business with such a restriction in this day and age was rather odd, although not 
illegal as it applied to all 
unmarried ­couples.

It seems that none of the heterosexual couples who were refused a double bed took them to court.

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I do not know much about the trial or appeals but I feel a bit sorry for Mr and Mrs Bull, who have lost their business and also suffered a considerable amount of vitriol.

Mr Barber also writes that a business is subject to equality laws from which “religious conscience” provides no exemption. However, is a church not a business? It has assets and liabilities, debtors and creditors and a management structure.

It charges fees for carrying out services and for hiring its premises. Yet we see in the same-sex marriage bills in England and Scotland that there are plenty of exemptions from carrying out marriage on the grounds of 
“religious conscience”.

Iain Davenport

Mauricewood Park


Neil Barber’s letter clearly demonstrates that equality does not rule. Mr and Mrs Bull’s principles and values do not have equal standing in law with the political correctness that is now popular.

The law seems to want us all to think the same. How foolish, and how impossible.

That is not about equality; it is about uniformity. Thank God there are still people who do not conform.

Geoff Miller



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