Gang warfare

If, as the report by David Maddox (4 May) indicates could happen – albeit the input of his report coming from anti-SNP interests – there is a concerted effort in Aberdeenshire’s Gordon constituency to obstruct Alex Salmond’s return to Westminster, no surprise there.

What is called tactical voting is the pre-election twin of government by coalition except missing several principles and plus factors. Ganging-up seems to be second nature to unionists, but not all Scots are into ganging-up against individuals and groups etc, and maybe the people of Gordon are composed of many who are not of that mind.

Whatever Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems now contend about their coalition compadres, and now revealing their coalition discontents after few demurs during five years of power-sharing, it seems a bit quirky that they would conspire with same 
partners in this constituency of theirs in some sort of electoral sabotage.

But bearing in mind how all three Westminster mainstream parties put aside their reputed big differences as Better Together compadres, perhaps ganging-up tactics are not beyond them.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive