Games’s budget

Perhaps Bob Taylor (Letters, 23 January) would like to share with the rest of Scotland where he has seen the confirmation that the administration of the Commonwealth Games is being run cost-effectively.

For my part, it is extremely difficult to find any details on how the budget is holding up.

The last information I could see stated that the original £373 million set aside for the games required at least a further £80m to make ends meet.

To help, though, perhaps Alex Salmond could, for once, set the record straight. The fact that he has already declared that “the idea that politics will overshadow the games is nonsensical” makes me wonder if there is something to hide.

It’s very unlike the First Minister to not grab any opportunity to grab the limelight. Remember Wimbledon?


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If the games’ budget was being adhered to, I’m sure it would have been all over the media before you could say “Jessica Ennis is pregnant”.

Taylor Stevenson

Ochre Crescent