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DESPITE Nicola Sturgeon demanding austerity measures to be axed, she is enjoying a tax­payer-funded, four-day jolly to New York to promote her profile in America, and has even appeared on The Daily Show.

On its website, the show advertised her appearance as a “comedian”. She certainly raised some laughs when discussing her economic policy for separation.

When Jon Stewart tried to discuss the oil situation with her, her response was, “I’m trying to get away from the oil price”. 
This shows she is in denial about the oil-price collapse and what a disastrous position Scotland would be in now if we had voted Yes last September.

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And this was pretty much the SNP’s response during the referendum campaign to the oil question, a referendum campaign Ms Sturgeon described to Mr Stewart as “democratic, peaceful and [which] left a legacy in Scotland”. That really was a joke.

I have to agree she is a comedian who is making a fool out of the Scottish people, particularly those struggling financially. Were the Americans laughing with her or at her, I wonder?

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square