Funding question

The eminent scientists who contend that Scotland’s research interests will be best served by remaining in the UK (your report and Letters, 23 May) display an astounding narrowness of vision.

First of all, they assume that the funds of UK institutions such as the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation will only be distributed to rUK institutions after independence, because post-independence common research would be “fraught with difficulty”.

However, despite their credentials they provide no evidence to support this.

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Secondly, though they boast “extensive experience of heading world-leading research groups”, they focus only on the UK funding pot, ignoring the fact that much research funding is derived from international collaboration.

The EU Framework Programme alone provides around €50 billion (£40.5bn)for research, and the UK is the second largest recipient.

The eminent scientists might consider whether this funding will be available to the UK if it withdraws from the EU.

Graeme Forbes

Longformacus Road