Fukushima fallacy

Brian Hunter (Letters, 18 September) claims the Japanese people face many deaths from the destruction of the Fukushima reactors.

Whereas 20,000 died in the tsunami, none have died and so far as I am aware none will die from the reactors’ leak.

The safety of generating systems is measured as number of deaths per megawatt hour.

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On that scale nuclear electricity generation is the safest of all, being much safer than wind generation and orders of magnitude better than coal. As for supposed terrorist activities against nuclear reactors which he suggests, it was obviously easier for terrorists to fly planes into large buildings than try to deal with the enormous security surrounding all power stations.

Current reactor design regulations require them to be strong enough to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger airliner without rupture.

(Prof) Tony Trewavas FRS FRSE

Scientific Alliance Scotland

North St David Street


Surely if ever evidence was needed for the UK Independent Energy Commission, free of the overwhelming influence of vested interests, called for by the Scottish Wild Land Group, the John Muir Trust, the Alliance Party of Scotland and the CBI, it is supplied by the potentially disastrous consequences of Germany’s “dash for wind” of which strong indications are already appearing (Dr Brown, Letters, 19 September).

John Milne

Scottish Wild Land Group

Ardgowan Drive

Uddingston, Lanarkshire