Fuel poverty

Although the big six energy suppliers have announced they are cutting gas prices no such announcement has been made by the duopoly which controls the off-mains LPG supply.

Calor and Flogas (trading as Macgas in Scotland) charge approximately twice the cost of mains gas per cubic metre. Since the cost of road tanker diesel has tumbled it would be reasonable to expect these rural suppliers to cut their prices by a percentage more than the big six.

Rural customers who depend on LPG, electricity or oil for heating are mostly in fuel poverty in Scotland because of the high cost of off-grid fuels. Energy saving measures can only have a limited effect on that fact.

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What is required is an annual off-grid payment to help rural residents pay their extortionate heating bills. After all, if we can subsidise wind farms with millions, why cannot we help those who live in fuel poverty?

William Loneskie

Justice Park

Oxton, Berwickshire