Fruits of Labour

Where has the Scottish Labour Party taken itself? A party once of home rule, since 1924, and George Buchanan, has disowned its heritage and sunk itself into the New Labour pit of London-ruled politics.

In May 2011, Ed Miliband commissioned Jim Murphy and Sarah Boyack to undertake a root-and-branch review in order to “achieve an effective, modern Scottish Labour Party”. Unfortunately, this internal review only looked within and not at the people they intend to represent: their market.

A 360-degree review would have shown them that the pursuit of a social democratic platform for the British Isles should first be established in an independent Scotland. A Scottish Labour Party would probably win the consequential 2016 election. From that they could demonstrate the good working of a fair and socially conscious nation.

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Scotland would have a Scottish Labour Party focused on the people of Scotland. The benefits accrued in Scotland would then be for all to see in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It could also remain within Europe
despite the Ukip/Tory threat.

The people of the Scottish
Labour Party need to see that
independence for Scotland is the platform for their future growth. Otherwise, their decline is certain.

Lindsay Craik