Friends like these

The First Minister has been on a charm offensive in London, assuring the people in England that an independent Scotland will be their best friend and that social ties will continue to be strong.

This is the same man whose policies, as proposed in the white paper and set out by his ministers are: to remove British citizenship from 1.3 million people; to have increased immigration into Scotland coupled with a demand for completely open borders; a demand for a currency union with a country whose policies are anathema to the SNP and, furthermore, to deny a vote on such a currency union to all those south of the Border.

While doing that, of course, the SNP talks of a democratic deficit. The SNP also has a policy to defy EU law from the outset and practice an overtly discriminatory policy against rUK students who alone amongst EU citizens would be charged for being English, Welsh and Northern Irish.

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Lastly, his energy minister, Fergus Ewing threatens England that its lights will go out unless there is a common energy 

Exactly who is scaremongering and, with an ally like the First Minister, does England need any enemies?

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place