Fresh Corbyn

Why is it that MPs and senior politicians, of all the parties, seem to turn into thugs and bullies once they have been in the job for a while?

What a sorry sight it is to see the knives and hatchets of fellow party members and others, already hacking away at the back of Jeremy Corbyn.

Poor Jeremy has enough to cope with trying to ward off the baying media, looking for a quick bit of scandal to increase their paper sales or television ratings.

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Such behaviour by politicians and the media only serves yet again to convince the public that there is no point in using their democratic powers to vote for any of our parliaments.

Have these hooligan MPs forgotten that we are their paymasters? Or that our recent history shows without doubt that we, the voters, are perfectly capable of dumping any of them on the dole at the next election?

I am not, and never have been, a member of any political party, but I live in hope that such an apparently good, honest and clearly honourable man as Jeremy Corbyn can last long enough as the leader of the shambolic Labour Party to really help us all to believe again in our hard won democracy.

Max Cruickshank

Iona Ridge


Stan Hogarth (Letters, 15 September), whose endorsement of Tony Blair confirms that he prefers style over substance, will have been heartened to see Jeremy Corbyn in parliament wearing a tie.

Now he just needs to learn how to tie it.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street


Ah, Jeremy Corbyn – for British politics he’s such a welcome breath of stale air.

Mark Boyle

Linn Park Gardens