French lessons

Christine McLintock (Friends of The Scotsman, 3 August) needs to take a lesson from the French concerning EU rules.

We often accuse them of ignoring or even breaking them. But they don’t, they just use Gallic creativity to get round the ones they don’t like.

University funding must be maintained after independence. If the EU insists that Scottish 
students have to pay £9,000 a year to be like English ones, so be it.

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No question of letting the 
English ones off!

The Scottish Government gives far more than this to the universities anyway, so all it needs to do is to divide the money into two parts, one for the fee money and the rest for the other reasons, so that the total 
remains the same.

In England it is almost the same; half the money comes from loans which will never be paid back, yet which incur a huge administrative cost.

Then there are bursaries, local authority grants, all sorts of reasons to pay a student’s fees for him.

George Shering

West Acres Drive