Free movement

The SNP is not being too forthcoming regarding the likelihood of having to sign up to the Schengen Agreement in the event of a Yes vote.

This agreement allows free movement of members within the EU. The UK has negotiated an opt out but Scotland, as a new member state, would have to meet the obligation to sign up just like all other new member states.

In this eventuality it would be more than likely that there would have to be border controls between England and Scotland to enable both countries to meet their obligations under EU law. The cry will go up from the SNP faithful: “What about Ireland?”

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The answer is that they have a similar immigration policy to England, while Alex Salmond asserts he wants to open Scotland’s borders to immigrants, a situation that would be incompatible with the rest of the UK’s interests.

Independence would also lead to separate customs agencies and, in a generation, separate citizenship.

Westminster recently stated that British citizens living outside the UK could only pass on their nationality to their children, not to their grandchildren. That is one generation only.

This means people in Scotland would have grandchildren living in England who would be foreigners after a Yes vote.

Donald Lewis


East Lothian