Free of charisma

I found myself agreeing with much that David Gerrard wrote (Letters, 31 March) and find, as he does, that people’s choices are primarily emotional.

That is not to say that there is no logic or reason behind it all. There is; it is just that most people’s positions, I think, have been arrived at over an extended
period of time.

There is, fortunately, the undecided, a middle ground of sufficient size to make this referendum worthwhile, and where I disagree with Mr Gerrard is that I am pleased that there are no charismatic figures on either side.

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This leaves room for the debate to take place where it belongs, among the electorate. This referendum is not about party politics despite our politicians trying to make it otherwise. It’s not about what currency we have or what’s best for our economic future; the future is equally uncertain whichever way the vote goes.

For me, it is about vision. Can we build a better Scotland, one which will reverse the flow of our young and talented to places far and wide? A fair country, where equality of opportunity is there for all, tolerant of being different, of making mistakes, of being successful. A cold country full of warm people. Make your choice. I already have.

Marek Mozolowski