Fox’s futility

AFTER all the jingoistic nonsense from former defence secretary Liam Fox about arming Ukraine, it was highly likely Russia would offer to lease bombers to Argentina.

We have Gordon Brown’s two giant aircraft carriers – designed to give employment to his constituents and surely the worst example of “pork-barrel” politics in British history.

The navy was shredded to fund these white elephants so we can no longer deploy warships to the Falklands and the Persian Gulf while maintaining the defence of our own waters.

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As a formal naval person, I know the rule of three of applies with ships (one fighting, one training, one recovering) so we effectively have six warships – which is a flotilla not a navy. Vladimir Putin’s ability to make us look ridiculous is becoming embarrassing and good luck to our brave boys if the Crazy Lady of Argentina takes a crack at the Malvinas.


Howard Place

St Andrews