Fowl play

As suggested by the RSPB, having the national bird on our flag is a commendable idea, whether it is an eagle or a 
chicken. Unfortunately, Sheila Tate’s notion (Letters, 31 January) that as a chicken enjoying a moorland walk I would inevitably fall prey to the noble Golden Eagle is a flight of fancy too far.

The way things are going, any adventurous chicken will be perfectly safe as all the eagles will have been minced by the wall-to-wall wind turbines – a policy, incidentally, fully supported by the RSPB of all people. Fowl play indeed.

R Forrest

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How many of our countrymen have seen a Golden Eagle?

In view of our current 
obesity epidemic, I suggest that a more appropriate avian is the gannet.

John Millar

Gartcows Drive