Foreign criminals

Your editorial (24 March) calls for better police criminal records checks to ensure that foreign murderers such as Robert Buczek are identified and denied access to Britain.

However, if Buczek had applied for a job with children, vulnerable people or in an old people’s home, then he would not have been flagged up as unsuitable for such employment.

A Criminal Records Office Check by Disclosure Scotland would only have checked for 
the time that Buczek had spent 
in Britain and his conviction 
for assaulting and robbing a 
pensioner in Poland would not have been revealed to a employer here.

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Foreign criminals have a distinct advantage in obtaining employment as criminal convictions obtained in their home countries are not disclosed to employers. Contrast this with Scots, as their criminal convictions are fully disclosed to employers.

Why is there not a level playing field when it comes to employment and criminal convictions between Scots and foreign nationals?

Jim Stewart

Oxgangs Avenue