Football analogy scores own goal

OF COURSE not supporting England does not make Duncan Hamilton a bigot (Scrutiny, 6 June). However, Mr Hamilton weakens his argument by comparing the relationship between Scotland and England with that of Canada with the USA and also of Spain with Portugal.

Scotland and England have shared a crown for over 400 years and a parliament for over 300 years and, hence, a great deal of history and common development. Duncan Hamilton may not feel British, but many of us do and for many varied and totally valid reasons.

He can support any team he likes in the World Cup, but please do not reduce it to such quasi-political argument. It is, after all, only football – a game to be enjoyed where the points should be scored on the pitch.

Alan Rodger, Glasgow

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DUNCAN Hamilton's brilliant article finally gave me the argument I've been looking for in answer to the taunts which surround me as an expat Scot here in south-east England, who refuses to support England in the World Cup and who has an ABE (Anybody But England) T-shirt and proudly wears it.

There is, though, one part of your article I'd like to take you to task on: although it "might do England a power of good if they win it", please think of us "jocks" who have lived with 1966 for the past 44 years ringing in our ears – we don't need another one I promise you.

John Taylor, via e-mail