Film farce

Notwithstanding their protestations (Letters, 1 March), the axeing by Marketing Edinburgh of the specialist film commission office, Edinburgh Film Focus, appears to be another spectacular own goal from the people who brought us the hideous “Incredinburgh” campaign.

Apparently, “other staff” will be drafted in to carry out the work, under the Marketing Edinburgh name. If I were a film-maker thinking about filming in Edinburgh, I would search the internet for the words “Edinburgh” and “film”. I doubt I would think of looking for “marketing”.

According to your original report, an average of about 
£5 million a year has boosted the city’s economy from the film and television productions facilitated by the two dedicated and highly respected staff members of Edinburgh Film Focus.

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That seems to me like a rather good return on a rather modest investment – to say nothing of the subsequent spin-off value in tourism potential when our gorgeous capital city appears on television and cinema screens worldwide.

Apparently, Cloud Atlas, with scenes shot on location in the city and which was facilitated by Edinburgh Film Focus, was the number one film in China last month, which means an awful lot of Chinese people are getting an eyeful of Edinburgh.

I wonder how many Chinese people saw the “Incredinburgh” campaign – and I also wonder how much that fiasco cost.

Alison Campbell

Bellfield Street