Ferry right-wing

JOYCE McMillan (“Labour must rediscover its roots”, Perspective, 12 June) once more promotes the idea that “the SNP is now Scotland’s social democratic party of choice” while former Labour minister Brian Wilson (“CalMac ferries face being cut adrift”, Perspective, 13 June) reminds us that by awarding the Northern Ferries contract to Serco in dubious circumstances the SNP government under former first minister Alex Salmond demonstrated once more its right-wing tendencies.

The question now is how determined First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to make Scotland a more progressive and thus civilised society.

If the Western Isles ferries contract is gifted to Serco next year we will at least have part of the answer, albeit probably too late for the Holyrood election.

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John Milne 

Ardgowan Drive 

Uddingston, Lanarkshire