Female injustice

It MAY be true that girls and women are finally having it good in the UK (Perspective, 8 February) and continue to do so across Europe. Women have also hit the top in other continents too. However, Tiffany Jenkins does women in general a great disservice by ignoring how they are treated in some Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries.

Genital mutilation reportedly remains widespread, female foetuses are reportedly preferentially aborted, and fundamentalists push girls into all-enveloping clothes for the rest of their lives, having ensured that their education stops at the age of ten and that they cannot go anywhere freely without a male relative as chaperone.

Ms Jenkins should enlighten us with a piece about what global measures are being implemented to ameliorate and roll back the various abuses, then perhaps her assertion that “this is the best time to be a woman” could in time become true.

Joe Darby


Dingwall, Ross-shire

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