Feed for thought

I was completely dumbfounded and offended by Nigel Farage’s comments on breast feeding.

So just to prove that not all men are as insensitive and thoughtless when it comes to this issue, here is my take on it: breastfeeding is the most natural form of feeding for babies, so what exactly is the issue with it occurring in public?

There is no mention of breasts being on public display in certain popular papers, and this discussion occurs in a week when Madonna openly conducted an interview topless.

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Why is it some people have an issue with this? It is completely natural and tasteful compared to tasteless borderline pornography? Double standards. I think the Claridges hotel did itself no favours in the handling of this issue and was discriminating against Louise Burns in treating her the way they did.

And as for Nigel Farage, I think he needs to apologise for his thoughtless and unfair comments as it may cost him dearly with women voters in the polls in May.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square