Federal approach

Peter Jones (Perspective, 2 June) joins the growing band of those who think a thorough constitutional review is the best way to seek a solution to present difficulties.

A federal system of some kind would seem to be a likely outcome if the Union is to continue.

If this came to pass I would suggest it would be essential for the federal governing body to represent the various nations and regions, somewhat on the lines of the US Senate.

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This body should also be sufficiently small (no larger than the current Cabinet, say) to act in a collegiate manner.

To help bind the Union together the chairman/chief executive/first minister/whatever should be chosen by UK-wide popular vote, like the French and other European presidents.

It’s a bit different from what we have at present, but if we are to get a settlement that will endure for a long time I think we have to be unafraid of a radical approach.

S Beck

Craigleith Drive