Fear mongering

While all abusive language and even the most minor of hostile acts must be condemned, Brian Monteith (1 September) is either extremely naïve or totally disingenuous in attempting to blame Alex Salmond and the leadership of the Yes campaign for incidents such as the verbal barracking and “egging” of the righteous Jim Murphy.

As was exposed by adoption of the false prospectus that took the UK to war in Iraq, Labour Party spin doctors are not concerned with the morality of their tactics and will stoop to the most unscrupulous of methods to promote their aims.

The launch of “Project Fear” was a deliberate and coordinated attempt to undermine the case for a Yes vote by creating uncertainty and confusion around what the UK Labour Party considers key issues in the independence debate.

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An independent Scotland’s position with regard to the EU could have been clear today if the Westminster government had simply sought the clarification it was advised appropriate. George Osborne readily accepted the fabricated opportunity to lead the UK political parties in the currency union posturing which has scathingly been attacked by renowned international economists. Misleading scare stories permeate all arguments of the No campaign, from border controls to pension rights, and the abuse of the First Minister extends far beyond finger-pointing and the deplorable comparisons made by their leader, Alistair Darling.

Stan Grodynski

East Lothian