Fast Clarkson

With huge support for Jeremy Clarkson (David Cameron’s kids love him) there clearly isn’t too much concern that he believes: “Speed is good. Speed is right. Speed works.” It was published in The Sun in 2001 and is a thread woven through much of motoring values.

Just as young people have been brainwashed into supporting 
Islamic State, young people have also been brainwashed into believing that driving fast is a fun and exciting and right thing to do.

Spare a thought for the two teenagers killed in the recent Leeds car crash, and all those gone before them.

Allan Ramsay

Radcliffe Moor Road


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The BBC has a global reputation for excellence and anybody who works for it is an entertainer of one sort or another. Jeremy Clarkson is no exception and his huge popularity is a matter of statistical fact.

The vitriol heaped on Clarkson by Mike Twaddle and Geoff Miller (Letters, 12 March) are personal value judgments only and add nothing to the moral debate about Clarkson’s suspension.

Peter Laidlaw

Bramdean Rise