False facts

The overwhelming majority of views expressed on independence seem to me to be dishonest in many ways, from presenting false claims as facts – for example, that all trade with the remainder of the UK and the EU will cease automatically – to blind prejudice.

Worst of all is the bogus fallacy argument of ad hominem, in which the arguer is attacked instead of the argument.

Alex Salmond – the principal target of this since the Better Together campaign has no similar figurehead – is absolutely irrelevant to the supposed debate, as is politics in general.

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So, incidentally, are famous personalities, whose views are no more valid than mine.

When people express dismay over the possible loss of the BBC, which I’ve come across refined to fear of being denied EastEnders, it is surely time for our Scottish politicians to add some gravitas and balance.

Let them all publish their considered top three advantages and disadvantages of independence, along with their personal voting intentions.

In the event of the “Yessers” ultimately succeeding, I would expect these MPs and MSPs opposed to independence to refrain from seeking re-election in Scotland.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road