False accusations

Rev David Robertson, Free Church of Scotland Moderator, yet again makes completely false accusations against the Scottish Secular Society (Friends of The Scotsman, 19 November).

Rev Robertson accuses the society of being intolerant “atheist fundamentalists”, who are attempting to enforce an “anti-religious agenda” upon all.

Firstly, he is fully aware that the Scottish Secular Society consists of members of many faiths, and none.

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Secondly, putting petitions before the Scottish Parliament is not seeking to enforce an agenda upon anyone.

It is certainly not any attempt to seek power, nor a “Trojan Horse” where everything is hidden, but rather an open democratic process.

Rev Robertson is equally aware of the scandal at Kirtonholme Primary School, where two head teachers were removed due to a US-based religious group handing out creationist literature. Such incidences are therefore not “alien to Scottish culture”.

If Rev Robertson truly believes that “science should be taught in science classes – not religious or anti-religious philosophy”, then one fails to see why he should even have a problem with a fully democratic process seeking to ensure that is 
precisely what happens.

Rev Robertson asks what defines extremism. I would ask anyone to compare our position to a man who has openly stated that he seeks church control over schools, for the Christian faith to have a say in politics, to indoctrinate all, including Scotland’s children, with the beliefs of his own particular church; a church which represents a mere 0.01 per cent of the Scottish population.

Who indeed then is the 

Leslie Thomson

Scottish Secular Society

Moredunvale Green


In response to the Reverend David Robertson, faith is, by definition, religion, not science. It therefore followsthat it cannot be taught as science.

Far from being a defence of freedom, the drive to teach religion as science in Scottish state schools is a Trojan Horse for theocracy and this cannot and mustnot be tolerated.

Bruce Crichton

Victoria Road


I did think about responding at length to the latest diatribe from David Robertson. However, I realise that by simply stating I disagree with him I would be adding to his evident persecution complex at the hands of fundamentalist militant secularism, and I wouldn’t want to do that to the poor man.

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All secularists are trying to do is to make Scotland a fair and just society for all, without it maintaining a hierarchy of rights that currently has Christians placed first and every one else rendered a second-class citizen.

No doubt as his year as the Free Church Moderator progresses, the Reverend Robertson’s sense of persecution will increase exponentially with every move we make, as will his efforts to discredit and misrepresent us.


National Secular Society

Atholl Crescent


It bothers me when fellow Christians appear to misrepresent the motives of those who disagree with us. We should be doing a better job of explaining the benefits of our faith.

Emma Norris

Beaufort Road