Falling crime fight

The accusation that critics of the performance of Police Scotland come from professional snipers (Letters, 11 August) is unfair.

While not in favour of the single police service I was happy to give it time to settle in and acknowledged that the changes would need strong leadership.

However, in my area, the failure of Police Scotland to respond adequately or promptly to a significant spike in housebreaking has called into question, for me at least, the net benefits of strong national leadership as opposed to flexible and responsive local leadership. It is not always evident that the prevention and suppression of crime has remained the clear priority of Police Scotland.

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Nor is it clear the overall fall in crime can be attributed to the formation of a national service. Recorded crime was on a downward trajectory before Police Scotland came into being and the trend is not limited to Scotland.

It appears to be more of a cultural phenomenon than a result of police efficiency.

Indeed, I can find few who would claim that the overall fall in crime has led to greater efficiency. The increased visibility of armed police has understandably raised concerns. I want a strong, efficient and responsive police service, not one which is macho and caught up in bureaucratic strategy speak.


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