Fallen Arches

TIFFANY Jenkins’s arguments to save the “night-time culture and economy” of the Arches nightclub in Glasgow is seriously flawed (Perspective, 13 June).

Economically, there is no justification for taxpayers to subsidise the activities of any nightclub any­where.

What are the true costs of night life in cities and towns taking into account “externalities”?

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It’s highly likely, adding up the social costs, that taxpayers are already substantially subsidising night-time partying.

If such enterprises are not “stand alone” there is no economic argument to keep them open.

Is the Arches the “powerhouse of culture and arts” Nationalist government ministers and Creative Scotland say it is?

Why, if it is so powerful, does it need supporting with a late ­licence after midnight?

Surely most people really interested in “the Arches culture” would pay to go there before midnight without ­alcohol?

Arguably, clubs operating after 11pm impose real economic costs on others and should pay an “externality tax”.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire