Faith facts

Alastair Gentleman (Letters, 29 December) should read my letters more carefully.

I did not refer to Hugh Reilly’s “confidence in Christianity” (Letters, 27 December); Mr Reilly is an atheist. I referred to Gavin Cargill’s confidence in Christianity being misplaced (his letter of 24 December).

Consequently, that part of Mr Gentleman’s letter is nonsense.

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He can define faith as something that does not require proof, but all beliefs should be based on evidence.

Since there is no evidence for the existence of life after death, it is foolish to believe in it, and calling it “faith” makes no difference. Is Mr Gentleman admitting that the Christian belief in an afterlife is not based on any evidence (“proof” is a mathematical term inapplicable elsewhere where only disproof is 

Steuart Campbell

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