Fairy Tale 2

In response to Carolyn Taylor (Letters, 31 December), may I say that her comments on voting patterns in the referendum are completely accurate.

However, with equal respect can I say that the point (which became obscured in the thread) which Ian Lewis took me to task about (Letters, 29 December) concerned the 2011 Scottish Parliament election. My response illustrated the dangers of relying on memory using a device which is smarter than the operator and contained a small error.

For the record, in the 2011 constituency vote the SNP polled 45.4 per cent and the other parties combined polled 54.6 per cent. In the regions the SNP polled 53.5 per cent and the other parties polled 46.5 per cent. So the “Fairy Tale 2” did have a happy ending for some.

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Douglas Turner

Derby Street