Fair tax breaks

There are several unemployment black spots around the UK which would be greatly assisted by the tax breaks we give already to our offshore islands.

The Channel Islands are where the Barclay brothers now live. Wouldn’t it be fair for the people of the island of Hart by the Pool (ie Hartlepool), to enjoy the same tax breaks as the men who made a fortune out of their town’s biggest employer?

Why don’t Lindisfarne, Anglesey, the Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland, the Scilly Isles and Isle of Wight too enjoy Manx and Channel Island tax breaks?

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North Wales and Cornwall could use help. We have to address long-term unemployment, bring back economic activity to some of these outlying areas and bring down the cost of long- term unemployment. We cannot all move to London for work.

Nigel F Boddy

Fife Road