Failing Scotland

After eight years of an SNP government with full powers over health, education and police, all three of these vital services are in chaos.

Local government has been emasculated with more and more powers being centralised to Holyrood, while in other European countries more and more power is being passed down to local communities.

Every week there are revelations of disaster after disaster, blunder after blunder.

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The stock response from ministers or “a spokeswoman” is that they remain committed to delivering excellence in whatever areas have been the latest to report a mess.

The ministers responsible are clearly in over their heads and have been promoted to the level at which they are incompetent.

How long would a football manager last if he turned in a string of losing results?

How long would a managing director stay in his post after a couple of years of bad figures? The shareholders would show them the door and no amount of bleating that they remain committed to delivering would cut any ice whatsoever.

Scotland PLC has been mismanaged for eight years under the SNP’s watch and I hope the shareholders, who are the voters, do the sensible thing and show them the door at the Holyrood elections next year.

Donald Lewis


East Lothian