Factually unequal

At a pro-independence meeting held in Kinross on 12 November, an SNP trailer announced that the United Kingdom was the fourth most “unequal” country in the world.

This bold assertion distracted me slightly because I spent the rest of the evening not ­properly concentrating on arguments for independence but wondering which three countries were ahead of us and were there not perhaps a number of other candidates who might be top of the list as well?

Interestingly, I find that there is a world measure of disparity of income which presumably is one sound measure of inequality, and the UK measure is modest.

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Alphabetically you would not need to go beyond the letter C to find a number of countries which have greater levels of inequality than the United Kingdom, say Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia and Chile and this was on the day when it was announced that North Korea had executed 80 individuals for the crime of watching a Western movie.

Statements of fact by the SNP need to be more soundly backed.

Campbell C Watson

Gallowhill Gardens